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Amber Chen

CORUM INC. Technical Sales Representative International Business Department. 2014 Bachelor of Science at Australian National University, Australia.

Felicísimo Iglesias

Results-oriented CEO with a track record of more than 25 years of success. Experience in commercial projects organized, managed, syndicated and developed successfully in Barcelona, ​​Iberia, the United Kingdom, Israel, Europe, the Middle East and the United States, including the management of partners and small structures. Expert in AGILE and LEAN MANAGEMENT methodologies applied to… Read more »

Aline Souza

Joined Croda in 2014 and is currently Applications Team Leader for Beauty Effect business responsible for new data generation, formulations for sun care and technical support around sunscreen development. With more than 17 years of experience in chemical industry and more than 9 years in R&D for cosmetic formulations in personal care. She has a… Read more »

Meritxell Rulo

Digital Marketing and Sales Expert, Specialised in Personal Care. Actualmente Country Sales Manager Personal Care Croda Ibérica, Business Development y Digital Coordinator Croda Ibérica. Profesora adjunta en el Master Industria Cosmética de la UPV.

Sabin Linaza PhD

Summary of the capabilities of the new Visioscan VC 20Plus for skin topography and associated specific software aimed at conducting studies. There will be a tour of the improvements introduced in this new model.  New hardware advancements have been incorporated such as the new light source and its “liquid lens” focusing technology. The associated software… Read more »

Juan Cebrián

PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Barcelona (UB, 2003), Juan Cebrián joined the Innovation team of Lipotec in 2001 working in the development of new actives, functional ingredients and delivery systems. Currently, he is working as a Technical Service Scientist supporting Iberian, Africa and Medium East regions. During several years, kept his collaboration… Read more »

Raffaella Rizzi

Recent studies provided evidence that “senescent cells” accumulate in aged skin and may be driving the functional deterioration that characterizes aging skin and age-related skin diseases. Cellular senescence is defined as a “cell fate” in which proliferating cells undergo replication arrest and develop into a fibrotic or pro-inflammatory senescence-associated secretory phenotype. A key role in… Read more »

Núria Valls Vidal

Degree in Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (1998). PhD in science at the UPC (2004). Postdoc at the UPC and the IBMB-CSIC (2005-2007). Both, PhD and postdoc were focused on structural biology. In 2007 I started working at the pharmaceutical company Crystax, where I used synchrotron light for the design and discovery of new… Read more »