Reveal your summer glow

SYN-GLOW™ is the unique pentapeptide that partners with skin to reveal its natural sunkissed tone. It is clinically proven that SYN-GLOW™ promotes a visible healthy glow in just 5 days, with long lasting result and natural personalized effect. Thanks to its unique mode of action, SYN-GLOW™ also strengthens skin defenses from within. 100% of volunteers noticed their skin fresher and more revitalized.
SYN-GLOW™ shows good compatibility with main groups of raw materials, is unpreserved, colorless, and odorless.

Tilamar® FITZ

As you know, consumers are more concerned than ever about the environmental impact of their purchases (and especially in regard to beauty and personal care products) and consumers are leaning towards green, ecological and clean labels, rather than never. So when it comes to cosmetic ingredients, sustainability and naturalness are key selection criteria for your customers. That is why Disproquima and DSM are pleased to share with you the new information regarding a naturally derived rheology modifier in our innovation pipeline: Ingredient of biological origin, made through a green chemistry process in Europe and using natural raw materials, without GMO (among RSPO certified palm oil).