Amita Health Care



With the aim to improve the quality of life by bringing together innovation and sustainability through a scientific method, ROELMI HPC strongly focuses its activity on the research, design and production of high technological ingredients aimed to reach the highest performing results in final formulas, by offering the ethical and responsible choice for sustainable innovations.
It is in this context that ROELMI HPC is pleased to present the brand-new line of sustainable functional ingredients.
BeauSensTM Air: natural derived emollient with extraordinary texturizing properties and evanescent feel. Ultra-light and dry skin feel to create outstanding textures, particularly suitable for face, body and hair care applications. It represents the biodegradable alternative to light cosmetic emollients like silicones for specific applications.
BeauSensTM PG4: non-ionic mild surfactant for skin support. Unlike standard non-ionic surfactants, it is a concrete sustainable solution, especially for cleanser applications like micellar waters, intimate hygiene or makeup remover. A great gentle surfactant with also remarkable solubilizing properties.
Sourced from Sunflower richness, the brand-new ingredient range is manufactured through advanced technologies and exclusive manufacturing process to extract Pelargonic Acid to offer sustainable choices by protecting the biodiversity and preserving the health of the planet ecosystem together with high-technological performances.