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ODYCEA – (Distribuidor: Oxi-Med Expres, S.A)

NECTARTM is derived from an adaptogenic flower, growing on the cliffs and moors along the Brittany and Mediterranean coastline (France). This seashore flower called heather produces a unique nectar rich in precious substances. This nectar is particularly favored by the local black bees to produce honey with exceptional biological properties. ODYCEA has been inspired by this art of making honey to develop PINK NECTAR TM. Grown in harsh conditions, this heather is exposed to dry and poor soil, strong wind, salt spray and sun. In summer, these sumptuous pink flowers thrive where other plants could not survive, and produce a precious nectar – PINK NECTAR.

Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids (expressed in myricetin equivalent), PINK NECTARTM has been designed for sensitive, compromised or aged skin. Thanks to its ability to protect and reset the anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and barrier functions of the epidermis, it ensures healthy skin with optimal hydration levels and better skin regeneration. Its efficacy has been demonstrated through In-Vitro, ex-vivo and clinical studies.

PINK NECTARTM is a patented technology in hydrosoluble liquid form, preservative free, COSMOS compliant, Natural Origin Index of 1, and China compliant.