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Adding meaning to beauty


With consumers becoming increasingly aware of issues surrounding sustainability, a global and far-reaching initiative is indispensable to limit environmental damage. Ethicskin™ arises from the need to care, the need to broaden the limits of sustainability and ethics in the beauty sector, the need to bring honesty and transparency to another level; the need for a new way of acting where biodiversity and environmental conservation go hand in hand with social and economic growth, where traditional knowledge and natural resources are valued and rewarded fairly in this global world we happen to live in.

A multifunctional, well-aging active developed and produced around one of Provital’s flagship sustainability initiatives: Mujeres y Ambiente (M&A) – meaning ‘Women and Environment’. Aiming to be the most significant step forward towards a just world and a balanced future, Ethicskin™ embodies Provital’s new broad-spectrum ethos.

A collaboration with sustainable farmers in Mexico that was supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and awarded with their Equator Prize 2020 – which qualified the project as “an example of successful biodiversity conservation through the sustainable use of genetic resources”.

A groundbreaking project that not only resulted in a multi-faceted cosmetic ingredient, but also widened the positive impact that our industry can have on the people and our planet.