Lipoid Kosmetik is a leading manufacturer of high-quality botanical extracts, actives and natural phospholipid products for the cosmetic and personal care industry. With a clear insight into our consumers’ needs, Lipoid Kosmetik presents the new products Yogurtolin® and PhytoCodine®.









  • Yogurtolin® – Prebiotic & Refreshing Care for Sensitive Skin


    Yogurtolin® is a powerful prebiotic yogurt concentrate derived from Swiss milk. It is perfectly suited for sensitive skin care to restore the microbial and physical skin barrier, and sooth and refresh irritated skin. Yogurtolin® shows the following user benefits:


    • Prebiotic functionality
    • Strengthening and regeneration of the skin barrier
    • Calming and soothing of sensitive skin
    • Instant sensation of skin refreshment


PhytoCodine® – Natural Messenger Peptides to Reprogram Skin Structure


PhytoCodine® is the world’s first anti-aging concentrate of plant-derived, natural matrikine-like peptides. It reprograms fibroblasts to build-up extracellular matrix components characteristic of younger looking skin and has the following user benefits:


  • Renewal of extracellular matrix
  • Improvement of dermal surface & texture
  • Support of facial density & elasticity
  • Rejuvenating effect of mature skin