PhD Trials

Hall(s): Level -1
Stand: 205
Category: Exhibitor

Address: Av. Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, 24A, 1750-182, Lisboa, Portugal

Company Profile

PhD Trials® is an International CRO engaged into the clinical assessment of safety and efficacy of products for topical application (cosmetics, raw materials or food products). With a multidisciplinary team of skin specialists, boasting more than 20 years of experience in the scientific support to the cosmetic industry, our specialists in safety and efficacy, are worldwide recognized, and can help you to build standard or custom-made protocols that are fully adapted to the industry needs. A database with more than 3000 subjects, covering several types of skin and several phototypes.
We are the solution to the new challenge of the cosmetic industry.

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11:20 am - 11:40 am

Feeling the cosmetics. New methods to evaluate emotional responses to cosmetic products

The cosmetics industry is focusing increasingly on developing cosmetics that produce different emotional responses to final consumers. How this fact can be evaluated? New methods have been developed to evaluate sensorial and emotional responses to cosmetic products using advanced virtual reality setup, eye tracking or EEG, among others.

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