Croda Iberica

Hydrovena HpO

Hydroavena HpO is an effective food inspired and vegan suitable moisturising agent derived by a low energy biocatalysis of certified organic oats.

The natural peptides and oligosaccharides in Hydroavena HpO contain multiple hydrophilic groups that penetrates hair fibres and upper skin layers and bind moisture within to improve softness and suppleness. Natural substantivity enhances this effect, making it ideal moisturising ingredient in both leave-on, rinse-off hair and skin care products.

The ability of HydroAvena HpO to act as a skin moisturiser has been examined through in-vivo skin extensibility studies using a Dermal Torque Meter. The results demonstrate a significantly increases skin moisturisation.

KeraMatch™ V

KeraMatch™ V is a plant derived protein blend with an optimised amino acid profile and vegan-suitable credentials, offering a viable alternative to animal keratin.

Offering many of the functional benefits provided by animal keratin, KeraMatch™ V improves the overall quality of damaged and fragile hair, with increased strength performance while providing exceptional consumer perceivable improvements in the sensory attributes.

With data for European, Asian, and Type VII Textured hair, KeraMatch™ V offers a truly diverse solution for a range of needs impacting the hair care market – including vegan suitability and inclusive beauty.