Zurko Research

Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 251

Telephone: +34 600 436 313
Email: sabina@zurkoresearch.com
Website: http://www.zurkoresearch.com

Company Profile

ZURKO RESEARCH is a centre for clinical and in vitro evaluation, we test the safety and efficacy of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products, as well as medical devices.
Two fundamental principles drive our business model;
- Personalized service and fluent communication with our clients
- Optimum quality throughout the work process.
Our testing portfolio includes among other:
1. Efficacy clinical studies under medical control
2. User tests – Consumer tests
3. Safety in vivo and vitro testing (Patch Test, HRIPT, Irritation, fototoxicity, etc.)
4. Efficacy in vitro testing (Antioxidant, Shooting, etc.)
5. New Image service for marketing claims’s sustaintiation

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