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The Leave-in Repairing Hair Serum with PinoPlex™

PinoPlex™ is a bioinspired upcycling ingredient that is based on pine cones. Pine cones exhibit a fascinating phenomenon: The opening and closing of their scales are based on different weather conditions. In humid weather, the cone scales are closed, while in dry weather they are splayed or open.
The Leave-in Repairing Hair Serum with PinoPlex™ not weigh down the hair, we have added a natural gum to the base of this formula, which is non-sticky and leaves a soft feeling, and a light O/W emulsifier. The formula contains two different oils for care: one is a 100% natural silicone alternative, and the other is a high-quality organic oil. For the conditioning we used esterquat, which improves the conditioning of both wet and dry hair. The highlight is our PinoPlex™. Studies have shown that it reduces split ends, increases the moisture content in the hair, improves hair shine and smoothes the hair cuticle.

This new jelly boasts a unique granita-like texture, achieved through the perfect blend of SAFIC’ Care T CK2 and Amaze® XT. Enriched in various powders such as Naturecel 750, Harmonie™ Luxe 4 Powder and Purity® 21 C Pure, this formula glides onto the skin, creating a smooth blurred canvas for makeup application. Powered by Eastman AQ™ 48 Ultra Polymer, it ensures long-lasting wear of your makeup. A-Leen® 5 and E-Leen® P8 help preserve the formula, while Fresh’in Green+ adds a burst of freshness upon application. Bio Sodium Hyaluronate Powder MMW was also added to ensure a plump and radiant complexion.


Esta nueva gelatina presume de una textura única similar a las nubes, conseguida gracias a la mezcla perfecta de SAFIC’ Care T CK2 y Amaze® XT. Enriquecida con varios polvos como Naturecel 750, Harmonie™ Luxe 4 Powder y Purity® 21 C Pure, esta fórmula se desliza sobre la piel, creando un lienzo suave y difuminado para la aplicación del maquillaje. Potenciada por Eastman AQ™ 48 Ultra Polymer, garantiza una larga duración del maquillaje. A-Leen® 5 y E-Leen® P8 ayudan a preservar la fórmula, mientras que Fresh’in Green+ añade una explosión de frescor en el momento de la aplicación. También se ha añadido Hialuronato de Sodio Bio en Polvo MMW para garantizar un cutis terso y radiante.