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+ mood glowy cream

GOOD MOOD from skin to soul!
A cream to GLOW from inside out: exhibit your natural smile, show off your happy skin.
A cream targeting all senses of well-aging, aiming for a healthy and naturally beautiful skin. Most importantly, boosting your mood and glowing. A comprehensive approach that focuses on what’s really happening inside your skin rather than on the visible symptoms. A multifunctional product that will improve your skin and your mood.
What’s its mode of action on the skin?
• Deep HYDRATION, the must-have of a healthy skin
• Cells SENESCENCE management. Keeping the population of senescent cells at the lowest possible levels to avoid their propagation. Keeping skin cells young!
• Maintenance of skin ARCHITECTURE, the key for proper skin foundations. Healthy building blocks for a firm, youthful skin.
• Promote BRIGHTNESS and EVEN COMPLEXION, the light of your skin that helps it showing its natural beauty.
What else?

Thanks to its NEUROCOSMETIC action it improves your MOOD. Shine from within!

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Lia Oliveras