Prepare your skin for the new phygital wave of make-care: a hybrid cyber-formula that mixes make-up and skin-care for a brighter complexion! In the Matterverse of Liquid_Charm, play the Charmer Idealist. His quest? Find and create the formula that will correspond to his life (quiet and urban) and his mood (seduction). By merging science and nature, the player then explores cyberspace in search of corresponding items and finds:

⦁ Heliofeel™ 22 MB, a robust second-skin emulsifier, used at 2%
⦁ Siligel™, a silicone-like gelling agent
⦁ Dendriclear™, a dendrimer rebalancing the acnebiome™
⦁ Inst’Tight™ C, a natural tightener from polysaccharides
⦁ SKINectura™, a kangaroo paw extract optimizing dermal architecture to reshape face shape
⦁ An enchanting scent that boosts the sense of seduction

The player gets this pearly, fluid and slippery essence that gives a second-skin feel and a vinyl «cyborg skin» finish. At 94.9% natural origin (ISO 16128), Liquid_Charm keeps the skin in an optimal shape. In the composition, we also find film-forming esters that provide this appearance of glazing skin finish. The holographic pearls, reflecting the light, create this bewitching surreal aspect. Liquid_Charm offers an immediate smooth and brilliant complexion and a fresh and ultra-light second-skin finish!

Celine Vidal
685 351 416