Pinkjama & Friends Tablet (On going face mask)

Organise a BRIGHTENING PIJAMA PARTY! Invite your gang of friends to experience a joyful and colourful skin care event to lighten faces & souls. Spread fun on social networks.
Share the metamorphosis of this WOW-WOW-WOW facial mask:
• WOW #1
With only few water droplets this waterless tablet becomes a soft and spready blue paste, ready for application.
• WOW #2
Rub it on the skin prolonging the massage until the colour changes from blue to pink; now, all the actives are properly released and acting on the skin; let it work.
•WOW #3
Remove it and…yes! The metamorphosis on your skin is astonishing. Source of hydration and microbiota balance, the mask has restored skin health; the release of microencapsulated vitamin C is the reason behind a renewed skin lightening; and the after feel is just as smooth as silk.
Done? How do you feel now? Your skin is smooth, the complexion fresh and radiant. Your friends are around, you have just gone through a healthful and fun experience all together. Isn’t that wellbeing?

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Carme Fitó