Vytrus Biotech

A new ingredient and a new cosmetic concept: Nectaria Lithops, the Cell Nectar for a D-Skin.

Our skin needs the light to be healthy and produce the essential Vitamin D: the sun vitamin.


Vitamin D levels are critically decreased due to the hectic lifestyles, in-house practices, and an excess of sun protection cream use. An issue that can naturally be faced by cosmetics.


Vytrus Biotech proposes a new plant stem cell-derived ingredient that optimizes the skin microenvironment and its structure, stimulating the production of vitamin D by epidermal cells to strengthen, revitalize, glow, and volumize the faded skin and achieve the desired D-Skin.


Its revolutionary mechanism of action boosts the skin-deep layer hydration, skin dewiness & glow, and microcirculation.


What does the new D-SKIN concept bring to Cosmetics?


  • A vitamin D enriched skin
  • A Dewy skin
  • A D-lighted skin
  • A Sun D-cared skin
  • A deeply hydrated and structured skin that shines from the inside out