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OLEA VITAEPLF is a powerful revitalizer of mature skin, which uses specific signaling lipids of the plant stem cell membrane to activate the energy rejuvenation cycles, recharging the mitochondria, which are the internal “batteries” of the cell, and improving and increasing The connections between them.

This asset is made from stem cells from olive buds (wild olive), and fights against energy aging and its visible external signs, through the stimulation of mitochondrial synapses, a new mechanism of action that guarantees energy quality even in the most adverse circumstances (such as hormonal aging). This ingredient represents the first generation of biomimetic plant membrane lipids: Phyto-Lipid Fractions (PLF) Through a process of membrane disruption, these fractions, called lipid RAFTs, from within the membranes have been identified, produced and released. of plant stem cells. These fractions are a cellular oil with a unique lipid composition, which works synergistically, stimulating communication between mitochondria, which ends up forming mitochondrial synapses, which will lead to an increase in energy and vitality in epidermal cells. The active protects and optimizes the energy of the skin cells and increases the production of structural proteins, to obtain a clear anti-wrinkle, firming and repairing effect.

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