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Bicoalgae® XT is the combination of innovative eco-friendly technologies to produce a natural superfood for the skin with extraordinary antiageing properties.

Bicoalgae® XT is formed by microalgae extract produced by an eco-bioprocess that boosts the production of natural Astaxanthin. This extract is incorporated in the intelligent structures of Bicosomes, specially designed to stabilise and transport to the epidermis natural astaxanthin and other bioactive molecules present in microalgae, making possible its use by the skin effectively.

The super-nutrition provided by Bicoalgae® XT optimises skin biological processes, resulting in significant increase of skin defences against pollution and blue light damage and improvements of its antioxidant power, cell renewal, barrier function, firmness, brightness and wrinkles (in vivo studies).

Bicoalgae® XT is a rich source of nutrients and an adequate technology to allow them to penetrating the skin, and proves that natural & effective is possible.

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