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SunT is a mineral UV filter with a non-nano particle size, high efficiency and broad spectrum protection. Its coating is ideal for dispersion in oil phase and has great sensoriality and extensibility. SPF50 + and UVA protection can be achieved with only 12% in formula. It has been developed with our patented technology and is a really non-nano filter with high transparency. Excellent for natural formulas, but also for cost-efficient formulas, due to its high efficiency achieved by SPF50 + and UVA with only 12% of SunT in the formula.

Excellent results in the development of sunscreens, but also with makeup and other formulas with UV protection. It is composed of a unique structure that combines zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the same particle and is coated with silica, alumina and stearic acid.

SunT has been developed as a new version of our non-nano mineral UV filters, enhanceU, special for oil phase dispersion.

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