Calybiota® Bio

Laboratoires Expanscience

Obtained from the calyx of red kapok tree flower, Calybiota® Bio is a skin microbiota balanced active ingredient.
The skin is colonized by billions of bacteria that participate in the immunity regulation and the skin barrier function. Preserving this microbiota homeostasis is essential to maintain a healthy skin. Calybiota® Bio protects and maintains the skin microbiota balance while respecting the most sensitive skins such as intimate mucosa.
By protecting women’s intimate flora, Calybiota® Bio is particularly recommended for intimate hygiene care:
• Reduces discomfort sensations
• Prebiotic effect on Lactobacillus
• Soothes & moisturizes
• Improves sexual comfort
Calybiota® Bio is also recommended for acne-prone skin, skin prone to atopy/eczema or hypersensitivity, as well as for deodorant formulas.
Red kapok flowers are harvested in the classified forest and Mare aux Hippopotames biosphere reserve in the commune of Satiri, protected by the UNESCO “Man and the Biosphere” program. It is also an oxalogene tree, which means that it has the “oxalate-carbonate pathway” in its metabolism allowing the calcium carbonate formation in the soil, one of the most sustainable carbon sink forms.
This extract is
• rich in polysaccharides,
• sustainably sourced in Africa,
• 100% natural and
• COSMOS certified.