Innovation in Portuguese

Portuguese natural resources for innovative cosmetics

The chairman of the seminars will be Prof Maurício Barbosa from Sociedad Portuguesa de Ciencias Cosmotológicas


26 September

3:00 pm

Accelerating ingredients development based on Portuguese aromatic and medicinal plants

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3:45 pm

The potencial of Azorean resources: translating Nature into cosmetics

Date: , Track:

4:00 pm

Sustainable Vegetable Alternatives to Silicones/ Petrolatums/ Lanolins

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4:15 pm

Portuguese Certified Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil: a powerful, multifunctional, 100% natural and pure cosmetic ingredient

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4:30 pm

Portuguese mineral waters as bioactive ingredients for cosmetics

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4:45 pm

MitoTAG: the Next Generation of Mitochondria-targeted Antioxidants for Cosmetics

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