Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 281

Telephone: +34932363815
Email: ysimon@quimidroga.com
Website: http://www.quimidroga.com
Address: Tuset 26, 08006 BARCELONA (SPAIN)
Address: c/ Tuset , 26, Barcelona, Spain

Company Profile

Quimidroga distributes a wide range of chemical products from industrial ones or commodities to specialties with a high level of sophistication. It relies on a commercial team of 200 professionals.

Portfolio includes more than 7.000 references from 500 suppliers around the world which makes it possible to fulfill any demand of chemical products for more than 7,000 customers, selling more than 500.000 Mt. with a total turnover of around  700 M€.

Quimidroga, beyond the Iberian Peninsula where is leading the distribution sector, is also active in the countries of the Mediterranean arc, including France, Maghreb and Turkey.

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