Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 159
Category: Exhibitor

Telephone: +34 935 477 609
Address: Imaginació 12, Pol. Ind. Les Marines. Gavà, Spain

Company Profile

LipoTrue is a company created in 2015, born with the objective of innovating, developing and marketing cosmetic active ingredients following the cosmetic trends, with the goal of becoming an international reference in this field.

LipoTrue has been created as a central R&D engine, integrating different cutting-edge technology platforms such as the production of synthetic proteins in plants, in silico and biomimetic peptide design, and marine bio-research of new microorganisms with unique cosmetic efficiencies. LipoTrue characterizes these cosmetic products, and analyzes, guides and shapes the Big Data obtained to transform it into Smart Data. LipoTrue also has the ability to incorporate new technology platforms quickly and efficiently as new demands or trends in the market are emerging.


3:20 pm - 3:40 pm

¿estresad@? La piel siente nuestro estrés. Descubre como combatirlo.

Stress can take many forms, whereas it is “Phystress” that depletes our body of energy, “Emostress” that holds a weight in our mind or “Envirostress” caused by external aggressors. These types of stresses can take a toll on us and specially on our skin, and thus accelerate skin’s normal aging pace. So how can we... Read more »

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