Hall(s): Level -1
Stand: 208
Category: Exhibitor

Telephone: 918893600 - 722778698
Email: info@laboratoriogoya.com
Website: https://www.laboratoriogoya.com
Address: Vía Complutense, nº 75, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, 28805,

Company Profile

DR. GOYA ANÁLISIS (VIRTUS Group) located in Alcalá de Henares, with more than forty years of activity, provides support to the Cosmetic, Healthcare Product and Food Supplement Industry. It offers quality control tests (Detection of Pathogens, Sterility and Bioburden, quantification of preservatives, compliance with physical-chemical specifications and cleaning validations, through the microbiological control of water, air and surfaces), and tests necessary for its implementation. The market (Challenge test, Stability, HPLC, Compatibility and Detection of Traces and Impurities).

During 2020, its new Department of Clinical Evaluations (CRO) was launched, which offers efficacy studies of cosmetic products, nutricosmetics, nutritional supplements and especially Health Products, taking advantage of the patient database of its research center, Centro Médico Complutense (VIRTUS Group), and its team of healthcare professionals from all specialties.

The ANMAR and DR.GOYA ANALYSIS synergy, makes this group of companies one of the most solid alternatives for the analysis of cosmetic products, health products and food supplements in all their facets. The link between the two since 2013, offers a joint and personalized service, useful in terms of benefits, time and cost, whose maxim is the search for solutions to the client.

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