Hall(s): Level -1
Stand: 223
Category: Exhibitor

Contact Name: Miquel Ramírez / Eduard Broto
Telephone: +34 937 831 044
Address: C/ Joan Monpeó, 149, Terrassa, Barcelona, 08223, Spain

Company Profile

Manufacturer and distributor of preservatives and additives since 1979.

To the cosmetic and personal care industry, we supply the following product ranges:

- BIOPOL® classic preservatives.
- SENSICARE® C and SENSICARE® M preservatives with improved eco-toxicity.

Preservative-free antimicrobials:
- SENSICARE® FP innovative antimicrobials for preservative-free products.
- SENSICARE® NAT natural antimicrobials.

Plant hygiene solutions:
- SANIPOL® plant sanitizers.
- BIOCHECK® kits for microbiological check.

Performance additives:
- ACRIPOL® OP opacifiers.
- ACRIPOL® T thickeners.
- DENSIPOL® defoamers.
- ACRIPOL® PQ conditioners
Technical services for customers:
- Microbiological tests.
- Plant audits.
- Additive’s performance tests.
- Full support in Regulatory.

Today, our products reach more than seventy countries.

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