Hall(s): Level 0
Stand: 200

Contact Name: Elisabet Puchol
Telephone: 937 552 006
Address: Constitució, 3, Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona 08960, Spain

Company Profile

Biesterfeld Ibérica is part of the Biesterfeld AG group, an international company focused on Europe and within an increasingly global framework we work to provide an excellent and personalized service to our clients. The careful selection of our suppliers and products is of great importance to us.
Biesterfeld Ibérica focuses on the distribution of specialty chemicals used in various sectors such as Life Science/Personal Care. Technical knowledge, formulation support, local sales staff, long-term relationships with suppliers and customers, market intelligence, teamwork and excellent service are the keys to our success.


3:50 pm - 4:10 pm

A Perfect Skin Glow, Pillar of Total WellBeing

Total wellbeing, the right balance between physical-social & mental wellness, is under extensive quest. A perfect skin glow, combining hydration, firmness and brightness, is key to accomplish total wellness. Using performing actives, the Beauty Industry can offer effective skincare to protect against environmental stresses, i.e. the exposome, and combat skin imperfections and skin aging processes.... Read more »

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