SonneNatural is a natural alternative to  Petrolatum. It is a vegetal derivative of high performance, with an excellent level of emollience and moisture retention.

SonneNatural products offer rheological properties to fit any specific formulations requirements and they replace the different types of Petrolatum commonly used.

SonneNatural is an ideal natural and renewable option for use in cosmetic applications for many skin and hair products that requires an emollient, moisturizer, solubilizer or dispersing agent.

Sonneborn, a world leader in Petrolatum, has used its experience to develop the most similar and finest range of vegetable and natural alternatives in terms of application, characteristics, properties and protection.



AVOMULS® LOW is a liquid non-ionic Oil in Water emulsifying system based on a unique combination of a polyglycerol ester with the isomeric form of vegetable fatty acids and unsaponifiables. It forms very stable liquid crystals emulsions equipped with exceptional and unique sensorial properties that puts it, along with OLEAMULS® LOW at the forefront of the new generation of emulsifiers.

It is specifically designed to address the strictest requirements of formulators of natural cosmetics. PEG-free, soap-free, palm-free, phosphate-free, Vegan and COSMOS compliance.

It creates low viscosity emulsions and ensures an effective emulsifying action even in cold processes.

It presents a strong anti-inflammatory activity as demonstrated by a highly significant decrease of the IL-8 levels equal to 63%.