PROTECSYL is an extract of Jatropha macrantha, also known as “black maca”, an ancient Peruvian medicinal plant that grows in the Andean region.

The high content of proanthocyanidins in Jatropha macrantha provides the ingredient with antioxidant capabilities, which inhibit UV-induced peroxidation.

This exotic hydrosoluble ingredient is designed to protect the cell membrane complex, consolidating the cuticle and cortex to provide strength, cohesion and elasticity to the hair.

– Protects the internal architecture of the hair
– Prevents protein degradation
– Anti-frizz and  hair anti-breakage
– 100% Natural Origin
– COSMOS / ECOCERT approved


SUGICARE is a botanical extract of Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica), known as “Sugi”. It is harvested in the clean environment of the Azores islands considered a biodiversity sanctuary.

SUGICARE is very rich in energizing phytochemicals, which have been shown to induce a neurogenic response providing positive feelings and well-being.

SUGICARE is like a Shinrin-Yoku or a forest bath for the skin. It is a Japanese practice that connects all five senses to nature improving the health and well-being of the skin.

– Neurocosmetic active ingredient
– Anti-aging: 46% wrinkle reduction
– Smoothes the skin microrelief
– Anti-oxidant
– 100% natural origin
– COSMOS / ECOCERT approved