Plant C-StemTM Bamboo

Innovacos – Brenntag

Plant C-StemTM Bamboo by Innovacos is a vacuolar extract of plant stem cells which has clinically tested and specifically designed for hair loss reduction and hair strengthening.
Derived from Phyllostachys pubescens, a gigant bamboo, Plant C-StemTM Bamboo effectively stimulates collagen synthesis while inhibiting elastase and glycation activity. It leads to remarkable outcomes such as the prevention of seasonal hair loss, a significant increase in hair count, and a notable enhancement of hair elasticity and resilience.
Versatile applications of this hair food include reinforcing shampoos, energizing hair masks, anti-hair loss lotions, as well as specialized treatments for eyebrows and eyelashes.


Elkem Silicones – Brenntag

Elkem Silicones have developed a new and innovative visco-elastic crosspolymer in a biobased carrier.
When PURESIL™ ORG03 is incorporated into your premium brand cosmetic, this versatile ingredient adds numerous key benefits, bringing enhanced luxury to skin care, hair care & sunscreen formulations. PURESIL™ ORG03 not only improves skin moisturization, but it will also help to minimize white cast of inorganic powders, for example in sunscreen formulations. It adds shine & glow, plus it imparts softness and curl definition to hair. It has a strong green profile, recording a high natural index of 0.8 as per ISO 16128 (greater than 80% of natural origin), PURESIL™ ORG 03 must be part of your formulation tool kit.
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