Belleza azul: el mar vive en cada uno de nosotros-Blue Beauty: The sea lives in every one of us

“The sea lives in every one of us” said Robert Wyland, artist and conservationist best known for his more than 100 Whaling Walls.
Every year, around 2.000 Tons of microplastics from personal care products, various “rinse-off” cleansing products like shower gel as well as non-rinsing, or “leave-on” products like face and body creams, sunscreens and make-up.
Few numbers:
RINSEOFF: about 793 tonnes/years
LEAVE ON: about 540 – 1120 tonnes/years
PAINTS & COATINGS: more than 220 tonnes/years
DETERGENTS & CLEANING: about 190 – 200 tonnes/years
Common microplastics are not biodegradable and once in the environment, they could accumulate in animals, including fish and shellfish and consequently end up in our food chain. Cosmetic industry is therefore moving towards the use of natural or biodegradable ingredients that can replace standard microplastics.
We have to remove microplastics from products or replace them with sustainable ones
To do this, we must think to improve our efforts in:
R&D: researching new technological development
PARTNER: choosing right partner with the same goal
NEW MATERIALS: finding new and alternative materials
NEW SENSIBILITY: approaching and embracing this wave
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