Bicobiome® is a multi-active complex that provides an efficient solution for restoring the scalp health. Specially indicated for oily scalps prone to dandruff, it targets the main consequences of scalp imbalance: hyperseborrhea, barrier function impairment, and microbiome dysbiosis.

Designed to provide a complete and gentle solution for scalp imbalance, the nanostructures of Bicobiome® incorporates three active ingredients to regulate excessive sebum production, promote a gentle keratolytic action removing dandruff scales and boost microbiome re-balance. In addition, Bicosome® nanostructures reinforce the skin barrier function after releasing the active molecules, preventing irritations, and maintaining healthy scalp.

Bicobiome® is clinically proven to regulate sebum in the scalp, to reduce desquamation and dandruff scales and to rebalance scalp microbiome.

Bicotene® Natural

Bicotene® Natural is an anti-photoaging system that works providing a deep biological sun protection. Bicotene® Natural works on the main causes of photoaging: reestablishing the oxidative balance of the skin after UV, Vis & IR exposure, preventing the degradation of collagen IR induced and the UV damage in DNA and cell membranes.

Bicotene® Natural incorporates stabilized Beta-carotene in its double encapsulation system. Beta-carotene is the most abundant pro-retinol molecule and a natural sun protector, very important to prevent extrinsic aging.

Bicotene® Natural is clinically proven to reduce AGEs in the skin and to repair photoaging signs, such as wrinkles and hyperpigmented spots while improving skin texture, fatigue and firmness.