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Dr Pilar Leret Moltó


Pilar Leret Moltó, is Research and Development Director at ADPCosmetics. PhD in Science by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, she did her PhD and postdoc in CSIC where she became an expert in synthesis and characterization of inorganic materials and nanomaterials. She has supervised and participated in the development of all products of ADPCosmetics portfolio and closely collaborates with different companies in the development of sunscreens.  She is Member of the Committee of Experts on Titanium Dioxide Defense of Cosmetics Europe and member of the Spanish Society of Cosmetics Chemists, SEQC.

Dr Pilar Leret Moltó will be speaking at:

EnhanceU y EffectiveU: filtros UV nano free para el desarrollo de fórmulas innovadoras de protección solar.

2017/10/04 17:40 - 18:00

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