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Biomimetic ways of hair cosmetics

11:40 - 12:00

Traditionally, the properties of hair are defined by the fiber strands as well as the scaly cuticle, and the chemical interactions that influence plasticity.
Our focus lies on a kind of cement or putty compound, found inbetween the fiber strands and cuticle – the so-called cell membrane complex.
This cell membrane complex or CMC is essential for the moisture balance and thus plasticity and hair volume. The CMC retains water like a reservoir and because of this additional water layer, gains volume and the hair becomes thicker.   Overall, the moisture balance is an indicator of destructuring and restructuring influences to the hair.
Our target is to show:
• How the CMC works
• How to employ the CMC to affect specific hair properties and achieve desired effects
• Examples of biomimetic finished goods to achieve:
More hairconditioning
More hair plasticity
More moisture balance
More volume
To induce these properties in a biomimetic, natural way is the focus of CAREABOUT products


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